Totally Wired: My Heart and I Agree, Oilers Must Win NOW

There’s a prevailing narrative out there in Oilers’ Land in these newly meaningful Spring days. It’s cut through with a hopeful resignation. It goes like this: history repeats itself. Youth and greatness need to learn hard lessons, need to suffer for the wage of respect. The story is a tragedy until it ends well.

“Calm yourself, it’s part of the learning process. They need to go through the pain of this failure to enjoy future success.”

Those of us old enough to have enjoyed the Oilers of the 80s recall the narratives. Youth was frustrated. Youth learned to pay the price. Youth suffered its victory.

Don’t believe these people.

Their confidence is ridiculous.

Take no comfort in the future.

Place no trust in contingency. It can always turnout otherwise.

Every opportunity for victory is unique.

Fortune favors the bold.

I’m not hopeful for the future.

I’m not resigned to the present.



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